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Game of Thrones #1 : House Stark

Dimanche sera diffusé sur HBO le premier épisode de la série Game of Thrones, adapté du livre éponyme de G.R.R. Martin. Comme c'est de loin l'un des meilleurs livres que j'aie jamais lu, j'ai décidé d'illustrer durant toute la semaine les blasons des différentes familles du livre. Et puis ça faisait des dessins rigolos, aussi.


9 Responses to Game of Thrones #1 : House Stark

  1. Ray says:

    I like the poster! I hope the translation from the book to the TV show is as good as the book itself. I work in the TV industry for Dish Network and I have seen some pretty bad translations from books, video games, and short stories. With as much effort and time HBO is putting in I am expecting it will be really good. HBO is even doing a free preview on April 15th-18th so if you are a Dish customer and don’t have HBO you can still see the premier to see if you like it.

  2. Wandrille says:

    oulalal, comment il fait trop peur le loup-garou hou houuuuu

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  5. Emma says:

    House Bolton s’il vous plaît~~

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  7. Terry says:

    Can I buy any of these?

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