Renaud Forestié

illustrator and UX designer from Bordeaux, France.

Best of 2012

2012’s been a busy year. My day job’s been taking lots of my time, but that won’t be a problem anymore as I just quit it. I’ve also spent tons of time working on a big project for a big company that I’ll be showing you guys pretty soon. I’ve been to 7 different countries this year. I also got engaged, learned 3D and found a new job. A busy year.

So, as I did last year, here’s a little game. In the image above are 3 series, 3 games, and 3 movies I’ve liked this year. If you can name them all, you get a prize (or at least all my respect). Also, here’s a link to my 2012 Spotify playlist, if you’re into good music. See you guys in 2013.