The Balance

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Be all you can be!

Did you know that everytime a new planet is born, it gets automagically populated by a bunch of colorful creatures ? Half of them are pure evil while the others are really nice fellows.

Ok you probably knew that already. But did you also know that everytime a new planet is born, the Evolution Master sends his devoted assistants to evaluate its potential ?

It's up to them to decide whether the planet will evolve towards good or evil. Basically what they do is destroy either the planet's cute or evil inhabitants. Whoever's left gets to rule the planet.

Are you up to the task ? Press play above and find out.


At the end of each of their missions, the Evolution Master's trusted assistants send him their reports. They're usually quite hard to read as they don't write very well. They're more the kind of guys who rush into things head first. Nevertheless, it allows the Evolution Master to keep an eye of the Balance of things in the universe.
good creatures have been killed so far
bad creatures have been killed so far
Everytime you play the game, you get to change that balance. You can either decide that there's still too many of these stupid cute creatures polluting the vast immensity, or that you'd like to get the world rid of evil once and for all. It's up to you.


Renaud Forestié

cute world design, website code & design, music
website - twitter

Renaud is a freelance illustrator and UX designer from Bordeaux, France. He's also in a band : Uniform Motion. That's where the music you hear in the game comes from.

Abe aka The particles guy

game engine, particles
website - twitter

Abe started making websites and games during art school, for almost ten years now. He's worked as a game developper and then game designer for a big french online game portal after that.

Mister _Hk_

game design, fx, animation
website - twitter

Mister _Hk_ is a tasty game cooker, an introspective image designer and sometimes a smart pixel generator.
He works at MotionTwin, a pretty cool indie game studio in Bordeaux.


dark world design, intro

Kuru has been working in the video game industry for 4 years as a concept artist and character designer.
He is now working as art and visual director in a brand new indie-game studio based in Bordeaux, France.